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What is Flexpod?


FlexPod is a simple, efficient and scalable IT infrastructure solution, that combines industry leading technology from NetApp, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and Trend. Through extensive collaboration and standardisation between these vendors, FlexPod represents an agreed single pre-tested, pre-validated datacentre architecture designed to simplify Enterprise IT.

From a technical perspective, the standardised approach holds significant benefit in reducing risk, taking the guesswork out of architecting new environments and delivering IT services within your business. This approach allows the delivery of extremely scalable and flexible platforms designed to accommodate all Enterprise application workloads and many tens of thousands of users. The combination of integrated technologies transform the physical infrastructure into dynamic pools of datacentre resources, creating a shared virtualised infrastructure that is flexible and efficient whilst still retaining the control and security of a dedicated environment.

From a business perspective, deploying FlexPod will enable you to become more agile, reducing the time it takes to deliver new products and services to market compared to traditional IT delivery models. Another benefit is that FlexPod requires less technology, simplifying your datacentre, meaning that your IT team can now spend less time looking after technology and spend more time focusing on delivering new projects and enabling innovation.

Deploying FlexPod will simplify your IT environment, giving you predictable performance, on-demand scalability and industry leading data protection. It allows you to meet changing business demands by delivering rapid, repeatable, cost-effective and consistent IT services.

What We Offer

At Proact, we offer a selection of FlexPod deployments so you can choose the right configuration for your business. You could have a complete dedicated FlexPod solution deployed in your datacentre, or you could choose a true FlexPod as a Service option, or a combination of the two, the choice is yours.



You house the FlexPod infrastructure within your own datacentre. This option is for organisations who have policies where data is not allowed to leave their physical estate, or those who require a dedicated in-house solution.



House your infrastructure in one of our secure ISO accredited UK datacentres. Benefit from reduced power usage and storage footprint combined with increased security standards and overall resilience. Typically for organisations who are looking to increase infrastructure resilience and reduce complexity.


Choose to have your FlexPod solution on a dedicated platform, and have your infrastructure housed on technology soley dedicated to your organisation. This option is for companies who’s IT estate is of sufficient size to make it economically viable.



Choose to host your solution on a highly secured shared platform. This option is typically chosen by organisations who need the ability to scale up or down on demand or have an IT estate which is not of sufficient size to make a dedicated solution economically viable.


24×7 support ensures that all issues are fixed promptly to achieve pre-defined service level agreements. There is a single point of contact for any enquiries surrounding the FlexPod stack. This is for organisations who still want to manage their environment, but require backup or the assistance of Proact in the event of an incident.



Allow Proact to manage the day-to-day running of your core infrastructure so that you can spend more time delivering projects for the business, rather than completing administration tasks. This option is typically chosen by organisations who want their teams to concentrate on delivering services back to the business.


By choosing Capex you will own the whole FlexPod solution. This is for organisations who want the solution deployed on site and have the budget to pay for the solution outright.



By choosing Opex you can eliminate up-front capital investment, and only pay for what you use. This allows you to align IT spend to business demand. This option is chosen by organisations who want a truly flexible approach to their data storage.


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Why Choose Proact?

For almost 20 years, Proact have been helping organisations across the globe transform how they deliver core IT services.

As Europe’s largest independent storage integrator and an award-winning cloud enabler, Proact are the right partner for any organisation looking to improve agility, increase innovation or deliver flexible and cost-effective IT services.

Our goal is simple: we aim to make IT a business enabler, freeing-up internal resource to focus on delivering new products and services.

We deliver this by identifying the need of market sectors and individual customers, responding rapidly with what they need. At the same time we maximise the efficiency of our back-end operations in order to ensure consistent quality, allowing us to minimise cost whilst improving service delivery.

Offering customers what they need and want is our proven recipe for success. It’s a win-win situation:
our customers are happy and we continue to succeed as a company.

For many years we have been the leaders in integrating NetApp storage with servers and
virtualisation – therefore our adoption of FlexPod for Cloud Services portfolio has allowed us to take
these industry leading skills into new and rapidly changing markets.

We’re not only using the industry-leading platform for Cloud Services – we have the industry leading skills to do it right.







“Proact’s Flexpod as a Service has transformed how we interact with our IT system”



“We needed a partner that could evolve with us…Proact offered that”


“Their commitment has been extraordinary”


Make IT Simple with Proact and let your organisation focus on what it does best.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about Flexpod please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will reply as soon as we can.

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